The Scent Of a Holy Death

A beautiful shrine is built around the holy sepulchre of Fr. Theophine. The sepulchre stands with an epitaph “Fr. Theophane, the selfless Sage who held high the torch of smile by embracing every man in agony, is still here, waiting for men".

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A Glimpses of his holy life

"As a preacher of mission retreats, Fr. Theophine's words had a power to purify the listeners' hearts as if in the burning heat of a crucible… He had employed 'word-economy' in his speeches; and he spoke only what was necessary and essential."

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The Well Of Wisdom-His Sermons

"Fr. Theophine had an ability to speak to anyone about any topic. His eloquence had a power to captivate the audience. His talks were enriched with bits of jokes and witty remarks. He could keep seriousness while he made his audience laugh"

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About Fr Theophine

Five decades have passed since his death. Yet the spiritual power and influence this holy Capuchin sage has over thousands of sorrowing human hearts have not the least diminished


His Story

United in Love
Unite in God.

Fr. Theophane was born on 20.7.1913 as the sixth child of George Itticheriah and Anna in the family of Koodalloor in Kodungalloor Kottappuram of Trichur district.

His parents named him Michael (pet named 'Michaelooti'). George Itticheriah, a Marthomite turned Catholic, was popularly known as 'Kora Ashaan'.

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Capuchin Ashram

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Toyland and Grace

A place made sacred by a Holy life

God's Servant Fr. Theophane is still living at Ponnurni Capuchin Ashram.



Theophine Guild

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Fr. Fulgens

"There was no quarrel or misunderstanding or transfer-dispute that was not solved by Fr. Theophane. Everyone, whether it be the senior priest or the junior priest or the parishioners, accepted the judgements and decisions of Father. In Narakkal, he solved a hundred-year old case"

St Francists Assisi Province, Kerala

Rt. Rev. Dr. Hippolitus Kunnumkal

"The sermons of Fr. Theophane were often simple, brief and matter of fact; he had an unusual gift of speech to lift his listeners to the heights of lofty thoughts".

O.F.M. Cap

Brother Ejidius

"When I joined the monastery, I felt no sorrow or loneliness because of the love and warmth of Fr. Theophane's presence. He extended his kindness to the poor and the sorrowful. He helped in the kitchen by washing the plates and cleaning the fish. He was a dedicated confessor and a well-known retreat preacher. He preached more by his life than by his lips and tongue. His spirit of poverty and mortification was the source of his forceful preaching. He slept minimum and he ate minimum; but he was ever ready to do any service to others"

Loreto Ashram, Muvattupuzha

way to god


The grace of the holiness of Fr. Theophine is still radiated through the activities of the Theophine Guild


Theophine Spiritual


Monday Services

6:15 - AM Holly Mass, First Novena

11:00 AM - Holly Mass, Second Novena, Adoration

4:45 PM - Third Noven, Adoration, Holly Mass

6:30 PM - Fourth Novena, Adoration

First Mondays

4:33 PM - Rosary, Third Noven,followed by Holly Mass

6:15 PM - Theophine Retreat, Adoration and Blessing

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Theophine Counselling


One Day Retreat and Counselling are conducted as a relief for the problem.

A counselling center called 'Theophine Spiritual Counselling' center was begun to support and concise the broken heart.

This counselling program is conducted on every Monday from 6 am to 7 pm. Those who wish to attend the counselling kindly do the booking before hand

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Theophine Retreat


Theophine retreat was begun to continue the evangelical spirit of Fr. Theophine

Theophine Retreat was an initiate of Fr. Jonath Cauphin on 2014 June and it was supported by a group of youngsters called 'Friends of Theophine'. They make the necessary arrangements for the success of the retreat, including "Nercha Kanji". To give a Franciscan colour Secular Franciscan Order members animate rosary and other prayer services. Popular Retreat preachers are invited to animate Theophine Retreat.

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Fr Theophine Events and Miracles

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The tomb of the Servant of God, Fr.Theophane, draws people to God.

You may kindly contact us for prayer support, counselling, witnessing and supporting us financially

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